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Monkey Night Light


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This Cheeky Little Monkey will help brighten up the room and scare those monsters away!

My Dream Lights are designed with parents in mind as well as children.  Each light comes with a remote control with multiple function settings including the ability to dim or brighten the light, cycle through a range of colours or set your choice of static colour, sleep setting to dim the light and automatically turn off after one hour.  

The LED's used to light the night light are very low power drawing and is safe to leave on over night as it will never emit heat and will always remain cool to touch.  Etched in strong acrylic and will not break or shatter if dropped so very safe as a bedside lamp.  Each Dream Light is powered by a transformer so there is no need to change batteries or recharge after use.  Available in many designs which are interchangeable using the same base.

Approximate Height from base: 20cm

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A Monkey Night Light can be a great night light for either a boy or girl. 

If you or your child have a fondness for monkeys, then it could be characteristics of high intelligence, intensity and involvement that is an attraction. They are playful and their entertaining nature is good for the soul. Monkey's use their own ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve problems.

If your child is cheeky, active, intelligent and playful then a Monkey Night Light may be the ideal addition for their bedroom.

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LOVE, love, LOVE it! :)

Just got mine today, it looks so cute, love how it has all different colours, love the sleep dimmer and the sleep timer, it also takes up very little room but emits a perfect amount of light. Thank you so much. Very happy! :) Katrina Bruno
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