Cozy Plush Microwave Bedwarmer Heat Pack - Puppy (Brown) Wheat Hot / Cold Pack


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Measuring 30cm in length this gorgeous Puppy is available in two different colour options - Dark Brown or Cream.

Much safer than a Hot Water Bottle, our CozyPlush range can be heated in the Microwave for up to 2 minutes (800 watts) to provide several hours of soothing warmth and comfort.  

He can also be placed inside a plastic bag and chilled in the freezer on hot summer nights or to use as a cold pack. 

Detailed instruction sheet provided with purchase.

Customer Reviews (3)

Snuggly Puppy

My kids LOVE the Cosy Plush toys. It's so comforting for them at night going to bed. My daughter says it's like a warm hug she can keep with her once I leave the room. Even when not warmed, they love playing with them. Lisa

Bedtime Puppy

I bought this one for my grandson before he was born.It has been apart of his bedtime routine and he loves puppy... His aunties got a bit jealous,and ended up having to buy another dog for auntie Cassie and the "Brontosaurs" for auntie Bronte... Suz Harvey

Part of our bedtime routine

My daughter loves her "hot dog". Every night I have to warm her for bedtime snuggles. She is also good for my sore neck but as my daughter can not part with her hot dog I have since got myself the giraffe wildwarmer. So cute!!
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