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Brolly Sheets takes the hassle out of bedwetting.   Simply place on top of the bottom sheet and tuck the flaps in under the mattress. Your child sleeps on the 100% cotton, comfy top whilst the middle layer and waterproof backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry. When wet, it only takes seconds to replace with another.

Brolly Sheets are fantastic for Toilet Training, Travelling, staying with friends or at a hotel and catching the occasional accident in bigger kids. 

We recommed having at least two Brolly Sheets available so you always have one on the bed whilst one is in the wash. 

Brolly Sheets are easy to wash, user friendly and great value for money.

Three colour options available:  White, Blue, Pink, Lime and Red

SIZE:  95 x 95 cm (centre panel) 95 x 45cm (side flaps) 

We have permanantley reduced our Brolly Sheets below the recommended retail price of $49.95.  

Customer Reviews (3)

Fantastic Product!

Absolutely love the Brolly Sheet I bought, my daughter is Toilet Training and it has saved me several times having to change the wet sheets at night. Really fabulous product. Thank you Jenny

Sooooooo impressed!!!!

Wow so glad I picked up my brolly sheets when we did, right in time for my son to catch a tummy bug!!!!! Ok so no I did not buy them for this purpose, but hey they do an amazing job of catching all the yuck! No changing sheet, no leakage and super easy to was and dry :) The best investment ever! Could not be more happy with this product :) Miranda

Brolly Sheets - I cannot say enough good things about these!

Best thing I've ever found and wish I'd found them much sooner! I initially only purchased one as I wasn't sure what they would be like and went the red (even though I was worried it may run in the wash). I've since bought a second one and despite the fact that my little one rarely has accidents, they've been worth their weight in gold with the time I've saved on the occasions that he has! I've had pointed out to me since I purchased them also the benefit of them as children get older and are unwell also so they are going to last many more years than I had in mind when I purchased them. The red one goes in the wash & dryer with my latte coloured sheets with no dramas whatsoever. I would highly recommend these to anyone considering them and my advice would be to just bite the bullet and get 2 to begin with. Yes, they're not cheap but you're getting a really good quality product and they appear to have a good re-sale value too once you're finished with them. Narelle
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