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Buying Animal Heat Packs in Australia for Children

Image of a kid with her Animal Heat Pack

If you are in the market for bedroom accessories to help keep your child feel warm and comfortable at night, then you have undoubtedly heard of cozy microwave plush animals in Australia. Many parents swear by it and are quick to recommend these products to others.

What exactly is a microwaveable animal heat pack?

A microwave animal heat pack is a type of bed warmer designed to provide warmth for children as they sleep throughout the night. These bed warmers resemble plush animals to make them more appealing to children and can help your little one sleep more soundly at night.

Of course, not just any animal heat pack will do, and parents need to make sure that the bed warmer they are getting is made out of heat and fire resistant fabric. Many of the best microwave bed warmers in the market are filled with a combination of wheat and polyfill infused with fragrant oils that give off a relaxing scent once heated.

Keep in mind that you should only use a microwave oven to heat a microwavable animal wheat bag and never a regular oven which can damage the material and lead to burns. In most cases you need only set the microwave oven to high (800 watts) and let it run for around two minutes. To ensure safety, make sure to check the specific instructions that came along with the bed warmer and match the settings on your microwave oven.

Microwave bedwarmers are a hit with kids and we have a large range of animals. The Cozy Plush makes an ideal gift whether you live in a cold or hot climate as pop in the microwave for warmth or the freezer to keep cool.

Are you convinced that a microwave bed warmer would make an excellent addition to your child's bedroom? Check out some great deals here at "Dreamy Kidz"! Browse through our selection of quality microwave bed warmers and other bedroom accessories online. You can also phone us on 0415 330 109 for answers to any pertinent questions you might have about the matter.